Welcome to JCS!

JCS specializes in specifying and installing the right resinous floor for your needs.

With over 10 years of experience specifying resin systems for industry leaders like Sherwin-
Williams and Stonhard, JCS is in a unique position to be able to specify and install a floor that
will work, even if you have had problems in the past.

JCS is the right choice because:
  • We are locally owned and operated- you deal with the owner, not
    an endless management chain.
  • Our floors are ideal for USDA and ODA inspected facilities.
  • We can help with LEED compliant flooring.
  • We are members of the BX and adhere to their high standards of
    business practices.
What is a Resinous Floor?

Many people are unclear on what a resinous floor is exactly. A resinous floor uses resins
(such as epoxy, urethane, acrylics, vinyl esters and polyureas) to encapsulate aggregates
(commonly colored quartz and silica) creating a dry mortar or wet slurry to resurface a concrete
Why use a resinous floor?

  • Resinous floors are extremely durable. In many severe environments they have lasted
    over 20 years.
  • Fast installation. Most floors can be installed in 2 days and put back into service on the
    third day. Smaller areas can be installed in 1 day and be back in service on the second
  • Slip resistant. Textures can be made an integral part of the floor reducing slip/fall
  • Chemical and Heat resistant. Choosing the correct resin is vital to the floor's
    resistance to your specific environment. Most failures are due to poor surface prep, the
    second leading cause is using the wrong type of resin.
  • Aesthetics. With colored quartz aggregates, colored vinyl flakes and colored rubber
    aggregates, a infinite number of colors and patterns are available to enhance your
  • Cost of Ownership. Since resinous floors do not require waxing, buffing and stripping
    or special cleaning chemicals, they have a lower cost of ownership than VCT tile.
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